Diagnostic Services


Diagnostic Services

Dental Checkup & Oral Dental Examinations

Our staff members at Unionville Gate Family Dentistry provide patients details pertaining to their findings during, and after the oral exam is finished. If an examination sheds light any issues that require treatment, a collaborative patient-doctor discussion will take place outlining the available treatment options. We attempt to set the standard of excellence when it comes to our patients’ oral heath by setting a custom treatment plan.

Your Oral Exam Checklist :

What is your dentist evaluating during your oral dental exam:

  • Medical and dental history review 
  • Examination of X-rays
  • Evaluation of any past dental restorations including root canals, dental crowns, and detection of any new decays.
  • Growth and development of emerging teeth in children
  • Exploring your gums (periodontal) for diseases.
  • Oral cancer screening and detection of any other abnormal looking areas.
  • Functionality of temporomandibular joint (TMJ )
  • Aesthetic evaluation of your teeth such as spacing of your teeth and state of your bite.

The different types of X-rays are:

  • Panoramic X-ray: gives your dentist a broad view of the entire mouth.
  • Bitewing X-ray: allows your dentist to see the crowns on the lower and upper teeth
  • Periapical X-ray: helps your dentist see the entire specific tooth and the surrounding bone.
  • Occlusal X-ray: helps your dentist see the fit of the upper and the lower teeth when the jaw is closed

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